Welcome to InterEast

At InterEast every gram weighs just as much as the next. All clients, big or small, are to receive our full expertise in logistics and transportation of goods. This is our way of nurturing the confidence that clients have entrusted in us.

InterEast in a Nutshell

InterEast offers logistics services and transportation of goods to and from Eastern Europe and Asia, particularly for manufacturing companies in the engineering and textile industries. The company has 30 people employed in Romania, Turkey and at headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. InterEast has a revenue of approximately 120 million SEK and was started in 1992 by the Törnqvist family who owns and runs the company.

Our Core Values

  • We believe that via knowledge and competency is the best way to offer delivery with precision.
  • We work towards good relationships and in setting an example in the industry, as this creates trust for both our personnel and clients.
  • We work from the standpoint that all of our clients, colleagues and shipments are all equally important.
  • We believe that sustainability, to work for the coming generations, is the most important long-term perspective.

The Logistics Family

What started down in the basement in Ekebäck 25 years ago has now grown to become a logistics company that crosses through generations. The journey however started even earlier than that for Peder and Karin Törnqvist, who gained valuable knowledge during their childhood… Read the history of InterEast here.