“We’re growing with our clients in Turkey”

News / 2 May, 2016

Within ten years Turkey’s exports have increased over 40 percent and the market is becoming all the more interesting for the manufacturing sector. Today there are approximately 250 Swedish companies represented in Turkey, for example H&M, Lindex, Ikea and logistics company InterEast.

– Turkey is a challenging market with Istanbul located both in Europe and Asia; nevertheless many companies have placed their production there in the recent years. We have to be where our clients need us, says Oscar Törnqvist, COO of InterEast.

Turkey is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. In the last ten years more and more Swedish companies have moved production to Turkey, foremost companies in textile and clothing as it’s possible to produce small collections with high quality. This growth increases the demand for logistics and transport services and also the need for InterEast to have a local office in Istanbul.

– It is largely German companies that have lead the trend of moving production to Turkey and the rest of Europe has followed suit. Our Turkish office is a result of the fact that we have a strong and stable organization in those markets our clients move around in the most, adds Oscar Törnqvist.

Routines provide quality

InterEast’s office in Istanbul opened its doors a year ago and consists today of a team of two. Good local knowledge and a big contact network on location give rise to routines, which in its turn guarantees quality and added value for clients.

– We have control over the goods from start to finish and so does the client, to whom a personal forwarder is assigned and who can keep track of the goods and its delivery. We see many operators who don’t have any information about the transport’s status before it reaches Sweden, and we want to be better than that. Delivery accuracy is our biggest strength and in Turkey we have over 98 percent, says Oscar Törnqvist.

– Another important aspect is customs in and out of the country. Our Turkish colleagues are trained in both Sweden and Turkey. They have knowledge of and experience in customs clearance of Turkish goods, which is very advantageous when it comes to contact with the authorities and customs management.

More than transport

Having an Istanbul office also means that Intereast can visit clients’ suppliers to check the status of orders and to solve potential problems in early stages.

– We deliver quality at every step of the process – from loading to driving, customs clearance and delivery at the right time – and simultaneously maintain continuous communication with the client. Our local presence makes this possible, according to Oscar Törnqvist.

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