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InterEast expanding – sets sights on new destinations

News / 15 September, 2017

InterEast has enjoyed strong growth for many years, and in 2015 the business met the requirements for nomination to the Di Gasell Award. In 2016, the focus was on quality assurance and consolidation, and the increase in growth levelled off. InterEast has now raised its sights again for the years ahead, including expanding into a new destination.

“Following our strong organic growth over several years, we needed to ensure that we maintain the same high quality in our systems, working methods and. Our continued growth during this period confirms that we’re doing things right. This provides firm ground to stand on for the future,” says Peder Törnqvist, InterEast CEO.

Annual sales for 2016 came in at SEK 78 million, an increase of SEK 2 million compared to the previous year.

The company’s investment in ocean freight was successful, and it also grew in its strongest market, Eastern Europe.

“We had a good year in our existing markets in Eastern Europe – Romania and Macedonia, and we see great potential in Ukraine as a new destination. Today, Ukraine is in a position similar to that of Macedonia one year ago with a growing textile industry, a free-trade agreement with the EU and an advantageous geographical location. We’ve already begun working with a major Swedish company that recently moved its production to that country from Turkey, and more companies will follow.”

“As for the ocean freight markets, we’ve assumed a good position with several new customers, with more to come. Our focus is on quality and delivery performance for each individual customer.”

InterEast is counting on growing by 5-6 per cent during 2017, and the target for 2018 is to increase annual sales by 10 per cent or more.

“Following last year’s quality assurance of systems, customer service and delivery performance, we are now ready for continued growth with existing and new customers alike,” says Peder Törnqvist.

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