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News / 22 November, 2016

InterEast has the cutting-edge expertise required to transport hanging garments

The transport of textiles and clothes sets high demands on the freight forwarder. Specially equipped trucks, constant-temperature warehouses and cutting-edge expertise within garment transport are just some of the reasons why InterEast has been working with leading Swedish fashion and clothing companies for 25 years.

“Garment transport and logistics are unique compared to those for other types of goods. For example, garments require specially equipped vehicles and constant-temperature warehouses with humidity control. An efficient and well-developed infrastructure is crucial when transporting garments”, says Peder Törnqvist, CEO of InterEast.

Access to specially adapted trucks is an essential resource when handling and transporting clothes and textiles correctly.

“We always transport hanging garments in box trailers which are equipped with a tube system for hanging the clothes, unlike normal curtainsider trailers. It’s important to have access to such vehicles during the periods when there are most garments to transport, for example prior to the autumn and spring season”, says Peder Törnqvist.

In addition to special trucks, textile transporters also need access to reloading/unloading sites along the transport route where the goods can be unloaded and stored overnight. This is because textile goods can be damaged if they remain in the trailer for a longer period.

“It’s not uncommon for transports to have to be reloaded or unloaded. In this case, normal packaged goods can be kept in the trailer, but when it comes to garments we always need to be able to unload and reload the goods because the clothes suffer from hanging close together in the vehicle”, says Peder Törnqvist.

Many of the major clothing companies require their goods to be stored in constant-temperature warehouses with humidity control during the transport – everything to maintain the highest possible quality in the textiles.

“In countries such as Romania and Turkey, where a large number of our garment transports go, the majority of the warehouses cannot be kept at a constant temperature. If it’s cold outdoors, it’s cold indoors. Without heating, the difference in the air humidity becomes greater and then the textiles can be damaged. For this reason, we have ensured access to constant-temperature warehouses along our transport routes.”

A well-developed and stable infrastructure with access to adapted trailers, reloading points and constant-temperature warehouses are necessary in order to work with the major clothing manufacturers and are essential in guaranteeing that the goods are correctly handled.

“We take responsibility for all stages, both for the load being delivered on time and for it being handled in the right way. Even if production is delayed, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the customer has what they need when they need it. That’s our starting point for every transport, both small and large, and this means that our customers can always rely on the fact that we will deliver what we have promised”, says Peder Törnqvist.

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