Oscar Törnqvist vd Intereast

Oscar Törnqvist takes the reins as CEO – new focus on digital shipping solutions in Europe

News / 28 May, 2018

Oscar Törnqvist is stepping into the role as InterEast CEO. He has his sights on taking shipping into the future through digitalization, and to establish offices in new countries.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and a challenge – to continue to build the company in a directly decision-making capacity. Leading digital growth in the industry is a central component in InterEast’s strategy for the future, as well as expanding to new destinations,” says Oscar Törnqvist, InterEast’s new CEO.

Oscar Törnqvist tar över som vd – satsar på digitala transportlösningar i Europa

The time has come for the next Törnqvist, Oscar, to take over after Peder as CEO of the 25-year old DI Gasell company InterEast. A natural extension of new leadership is a new growth strategy.

“The transportation and logistics industry is affected by digitalization in every way – just like any other industry. Digitalization is therefore imperative to InterEast’s continued growth. To give an example, integrating automated booking systems into customer business systems is one way in which to stay relevant in the industry and grow. Our new efforts, by extension, will also bolster our position as an advisory partner and resource for shipping expertise.”

Three new markets

InterEast’s performance target is an annual growth rate of 15 per cent, which the company seeks to achieve by extending to other European markets the same shipping and logistics solutions that have proven to be successful in places like Romania and Turkey.

“We see great potential primarily in destinations such as Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands. Initially, we will focus our efforts on applying our own traffic resources and, in doing so, function as a traffic-driving carrier and meet the increased demand we are seeing from our existing customers. Our long-term objective is to open local offices in all three countries. The experiences we have harvested in Romania and Turkey have shown us how to best gain full control in foreign markets”

Second generation InterEast

Oscar Törnqvist has solid professional credentials in the shipping and logistics sector where he previously worked as shipping agent, project manager, and trade lane manager at DHL. Since returning home to Sweden and InterEast seven years ago, he has been head of operations and deputy CEO, working closely with his parents, InterEast founders Karin and Peder Törnqvist.

“Together, we have charted a clear course for the company and for my transition to CEO. I have learned a lot about how to optimise delivery shipping and logistics processes from my parents over the years. It is an incredible feeling taking over the reins of a company that my parents founded over 25 years ago.”

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