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For the second year in a row, InterEast is nominated to Di Gasell Award

News / 6 October, 2017

InterEast has been nominated for the Di Gasell award by business daily Dagens Industri, confirming that it is one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies for the second year in a row.

“This is both honouring and inspiring. Above all, we must thank our very capable employees, our customers and the trust they place in us,” says Oscar Törnqvist, COO at InterEast.

Despite major internal investments in assuring the quality of its systems, working methods and procedures during 2016, InterEast meets every benchmark for a Di Gasell company. These included increasing annual sales for the past three years and having organic growth.

“We’re close to the market and able to be both flexible and cost-conscious. We began a new strategy in 2017 that made growth possible, and following last year’s quality assurance measures, we enjoy all the right conditions for continued growth.

The strongest markets are Turkey, Rumania and Asia, but InterEast also sees great potential in new destinations.

“We work mostly with textiles and the mechanical engineering industry; these are segments where we seek to offer our cutting edge expertise and will continue to invest in. We will always maintain a presence where our customers need our services.”

InterEast’s goal is continued growth and to be nominated as a Gasell company next year too, but the focus is primarily on maintaining high delivery quality.

“Quality and service are always most important. And our Di Gasell award is confirmation that our company is growing and that we’re working in the right way. We’re naturally aiming for a hat trick in 2018,” says Oscar Törnqvist.

This is a Di Gasell company

To be considered a Gasell company, a number of criteria must be met. The four most recent annual reports form the basis for the assessment. The company must have:

  • annual sales in excess of SEK 10 million
  • at least 10 employees
  • at a minimum have doubled annual sales when comparing the latest financial year with the first
  • increased annual sales every year for the past three years
  • a total operating profit/loss for the past four years that is positive
  • grown in all material respects organically and not through acquisition or fusion
  • sound finances

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