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Digital booking platform of tomorrow

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Elise, digital booking portal for the whole team

Let us introduce a smart digital booking portal, Elise, which gathers all your shipments, bookings, history and suppliers in one place. Regardless if you ship a few boxes a year within Sweden or fully loaded trucks weekly through Europe, you handle it with ease in Elise.

Service in focus

Closer to your forwarder with the portal Elise

When you handle bookings and order transports via the booking portal Elise, your personal forwarder is never far away. In some ways, we have never been closer. You reach your forwarder directly via the portals chat. All information and history concerning your booking and transport are also logged there. The connection between us has never been shorter and more transparent. Experience the difference today.


The interactive map delivers a great overview. With a few clicks, you will find the shipment you are looking for.

Cost for setting up an account. No hidden fees.

Average amount of minutes to make a booking in Elise.

Easy steps to make a booking.

Connected customers in the portal Elise.

Become part of a growing and innovative community.
It’s time to revolutionize our supply chains.


Why we develop a portal

Advanced technological solutions are desired and the demands for more efficient yet price pressured transports have increased. You request more environmentally friendly, digital, and automated solutions which put pressure on the logistics companies well-functioning processes (and rightly so!). Digitalisation has the potential to contribute significantly to increased transparency in our industry – setting both clients, as well as coworkers, demand that sustainability-related issues are brought to focus. We aim to be at the forefront, to push our industry forward and to be the Supply Chain Revolution you deserve.

How we operate

A supply chain tailored for you

It does not matter if you are importing goods from Rumania, shipping containers from China or transporting batteries from the USA. Rest assured, we will solve it. Make your supply chain more effective and transparent. Your personal forwarder handles your shipments with precision and industry-leading service.

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Do you want to be first in line?

Talk to one of our experts and see how our solutions suit you.

Do you want to be first in line?

Talk to one of our experts and see how our solutions suit you.