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Local and global transports

InterEast handle transports all around the globe – by sea, air and road. Our map has few blank spots, which means that we have the solutionen for your challenges ready at hand. Our expertise lies with transports to and from Sweden, Turkey, Romania and Polen – the countries where our offices are. More on those destinations below.

Romania, Polen och Turkey

Transport to and from Europe

Gothenburg, Sweden
In 1992 InterEast was founded to bring back trust and quality to an industry suffering from unreliability. With the head office strategically placed in Scandinavians leading and foremost logistic centre, Gothenburg, InterEast offers qualified and safe transports with short lead times throughout the Nordic region. Get to know the office here>>

Focsani, Romania
InterEast has operated as a specialist in transports to and from Romania and Eastern Europé since 1992. We are certified against cabotage and use our fleet of trucks to offer transparent service with high standards in quality and sustainability. Get to know InterEast Romania, how we operate and about the destination here>>

Istanbul, Turkey
InterEast has an office in Istanbul that books and coordinates transport and logistic services, resulting in delivery precisions of over 98%to and from Turkey. With our large network in place, our routines guarantee a qualified and reliable service for you as a client. Get to know InterEast Turkey, their offers and find your contact here>>

Kalisz, Poland
Our youngest office is located in Kalisz, Poland. From there both local and international modes of transport are being handled with high precision and quality. The polish market grows fast, and so does our solution for your challenges. Our staff on-site are experts in all express and courier related issues around the whole of Europe. Get to know InterEast Poland and find your contact here>>

What we offer

InterEast’s services in Europe

We work with third-party logistics from our offices and have two regular groupage departures a week from Romania.

We offer:
• Express and part load transports
• Temperature regulated warehouse
• Hanging textiles and clothing
• Good distribution possibilities
• Customs service and government contact

Personal forwarder: as a client, you will always have a personal forwarder who has the overall responsibility for your every transport. Our forwarders are up to date with laws and regulations, as well as being trained in the customs import and export handling.

Track & Trace: With Track & Trace you will get continuous information and statistics on upcoming, ongoing or completed shipments.

Hauliers: We work exclusively with hauliers and suppliers we know and the majority of the traffic is built on tours. This provides reliable service and an almost unbeatable product.

GPS: All of our trucks are equipped with a GPS. This way we know exactly where the goods are at all times, which speed the shipment travels and what temperature the trailer has.

Dangerous goods: We have trained drivers who ensure all requirements for ADR.

Transport to and from Asia

Asia is an important market for several of InterEast’s clients. Therefore we have developed several different alternatives for both time-sensitive and ordinary modes of transport. The most common options available for transport to and from Asia are rail, air and ocean freight. InterEast has control over the shipment from booking to arrival.
• Local contacts at origin and destination.
• Help in planning and communication with suppliers.
• A precise service, custom-made for client’s needs.

Ready to revolutionize your supply chain? We are.

Talk to one of our experts and see how our solutions suit you.

Ready to revolutionize your supply chain? We are.

Talk to one of our experts and see how our solutions suit you.