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A problem to solve

Inefficient storage and logistics

Struggling with overwhelming logistics?

​In our experience, many businesses face significant challenges with storage and logistics, leading to delays, increased costs, and inefficiencies. Also, inefficient logistics can disrupt your entire supply chain and hinder business growth.

The hidden costs of poor warehousing

​Ineffective warehousing can hurt your bottom line and disrupt your supply chain, impacting your overall business performance. Consequently, poor warehousing management can lead to higher operational costs, inventory losses, and dissatisfied customers. And that we can’t have.

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What we offer

InterEast warehouse solutions

Why choose InterEast for your warehousing needs?

At InterEast, we understand the complexities of the entire logistics chain. With our state-of-the-art warehouse in Focsani, Romania, and global partner network, we offer tailored warehousing solutions to meet your specific needs. Our expertise ensures your goods are stored safely and efficiently, providing you with peace of mind. 3PL, 4PL, Pick & Pack, VAS and terminal services. You name it, we got it

Our comprehensive warehousing services in Romania

  • Secure Storage: Ensuring your goods are safe and well-managed.
  • Temperature-Controlled Storage: Specialized storage for temperature-sensitive products, ensuring optimal conditions at all times.
  • Specialized storage for the fashion industry: From raw materials to ready-made garments on hangers
  • Domestic & international freight management
  • Pick & pack and labelling services
  • Fiscal representation & customs services
  • E-commerce fulfilment services

Warehouse solutions, optimized since 1992

Three easy steps

How our warehousing solutions work

Step 1: Initial consultation

Discuss your warehousing needs with our experts. Then, we assess your requirements and develop a customized plan.

Step 2: Customized solution design

We design a warehousing plan tailored to your business. Perhaps you need pick-and-pack or cross-docking solutions? We ensure all logistics are streamlined and efficient.

Step 3: Easy implementation

Experience a smooth transition and setup. We have done this for over thirty years and our team ensures that your warehousing operations are up and running quickly and efficiently.

Our facilities and global network

Focsani, Romania: Our hub for excellence in warehousing

Our own warehouse in Focsani offers secure and efficient storage solutions with advanced technology and experienced staff. This strategic location in Romania provides a central hub for your European logistics needs. Learn more about our warehouse here >>

Advanced WMS for peace of mind

Our Romanian facility uses a top-tier Warehouse Management System (WMS), Ongoing. This system ensures transparency and peace of mind for you as clients as you benefit from:

  • Accurate tracking with scanning for inbound and outbound deliveries
  • Efficient operations with automatic label printing
  • Reliable inventory management
  • Faster fulfilment through batch order picking

Trusted by over 6,500 companies, the WMS ensures that your goods are handled with precision and efficiency. Did we already say, “peace of mind”? Because that is worth repeating.

Global Reach: Partner warehouses around the world

Leverage our global network of partner warehouses for flexible and scalable storage solutions wherever you need them. Also, our extensive network ensures that we can meet your warehousing needs worldwide.

What you gain with InterEast warehouse solutions

Increased efficiency and cost savings

Optimize your logistics with streamlined processes and significant cost reductions. Our warehousing solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency and lower your costs.

Enhanced reliability and security

Trust our secure facilities and professional management for peace of mind. Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and guard around the clock to ensure the safety of your goods.

Flexible and scalable solutions

Adapt your storage needs easily with our scalable warehousing options. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, we provide flexible solutions to meet your demands.

“Now we’re talking”

Special discount for new clients

Limited-Time Offer: 50% off for the first two months

Sign up for a year of warehouse services in Focsani and enjoy 50% off your warehousing costs for the first two months. This special offer is designed to help you experience the benefits of our warehousing solutions without a significant upfront investment.

Why wait? Start saving today.

Contact us now to take advantage of this exclusive offer and revolutionize your logistics. Our team is ready to help you optimize your warehousing operations.

Get your warehouse price within the hour

To get your price fill out the form or reach out to one of our specialists

Irina Coman

Sales Manager
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Become part of a growing and innovative community. It’s time to revolutionize our supply chains.

”Personal service and information are crucial, and that is the hallmark of InterEast. We always know what happens during the entire transport and who we can turn to. Even if we are not in contact with InterEast every week, it is a great assurance for us to know that we can always call them and get expert support.”

Lasse Granqvist
CEO, Granqvists Sportartiklar

”InterEast is the best transport company ever with incredible personal service and expertise. InterEast solves all kinds of transport, big or small – whether it’s by sea, land, or air. We can call and ask for advice on everything related to transport, destinations outside the EU, customs clearance, third-party deliveries, etc. We receive quick quotes, and throughout the journey, we are always informed if anything happens. InterEast’s main qualities are personal service, expertise, information, and genuine caring.”

Annika Hildeby
Magnab Eurostat AB

”InterEasts’ service is on a different level than other logistic companies. One email and I do not have to think about the shipment until it arrives.”

Magnus Andersson


”In 2022, I took over an area where my client used InterEast to transport containers. I received incredible help from Emma at InterEast…. For a year, I worked with several freight companies with mixed results… I have specific requests regarding my carrier – for example, concerning the contact with the sender and the driver needing to call 30 minutes before unloading. And it works, which is a prerequisite for me in my work. I want to thank everyone at InterEast who makes my workdays a little easier.”

John Stenlund
Stenlunds Bil & Bygg

”Personal contact is important and is put at its peak when there are problems or late changes. In my role, I value partners who really listen and who keep what is promised.”

Anna-Lena Karlsson


More services on offer

Do not limit yourself to Air Freight. We don’t. We offer solutions for all your challenges. Discover some of them below.

Road freight

We guarantee precision shipping for all types of goods and offer part-loads, hanging garments, special transportation and full-loads in our lanes.

Intermodal transport

We offer seamless logistics across all modes: road, rail, air, and sea. We handle all cargo types with precision, offering part-loads, specialized transportation, and full-loads for optimized supply chains.

Ocean freight

We keep you up to date with the latest information when we ship your 20’ and 40’ containers and part-loads, door-to-door (LCL/FCL).


We have a great network of couriers and our collected volume gives you a competitive price – every time.

Sprinter & express

We handle express shipments across the whole of Europe every day with guaranteed delivery times. And often it is not that expensive as you would guess.

Air freight

We control the entire chain – from pickup to delivery. As an IATA certified company, we book air freight directly with airlines.

Customs service

As an approved customs representative, we handle your import and export declarations, as well as issue certificates of origin.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods that can cause damage to people, the environment or property must be handled correctly. We have trained staff who handle it for you.


With years of experience in customs, logistics design and flow optimization, we are a safe partner and a tactical sounding board for you.

Ready to revolutionize your supply chain? We are.

Talk to one of our experts and see how our solutions suit you.

Ready to revolutionize your supply chain? We are.

Talk to one of our experts and see how our solutions suit you.