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Transport and logistics between Sweden – Romania

Do you need to transport goods between Sweden and Romania, for example? We have daily departures – both full cars and bulk goods. Since the start, InterEast has specialized in transport to and from Romania, and thanks to our local office in Focsani, we possess hard-to-beat local knowledge. Consequently, InterEast Romania has evolved into a strong hub for us in Europe. As a customer, you will always receive a safe, high-quality product, and market-leading service. Whether you are transporting general cargo, pallets, bulk goods, containers, full loads, or ADR goods to and from the world via Romania, we have a solution ready for you, either through our scheduled traffic or our worldwide transport network.

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We cater to a diverse range of transportation requirements worldwide, every day. Our expertise lies in our laser-focused approach to understanding your challenges and delivering tailored solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures precise delivery, backed by top-notch service. Explore our comprehensive menu of solutions below.

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Doing our part

InterEast exists to push our industry forward. We believe that the only way to do that is to offer you honest service, digital transparency and chase more responsibly solutions. Our office administration is climate-neutral and we are third party certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001:20015 and 14001:2015. That is good. We strive for great.

The Freight forwarder’s tips

How to book efficient transports to and from Romania

1. Large distances and time delays

Romania is a large country with great distances. Transit times between some cities may take an extra day. Bucharest, for example, is divided into different zones where loading and unloading take place at specific times.

2. The right contact is the key to success

When you book your transports with your freight forwarder, do not forget to be clear about who the sender and recipient are. It sounds basic, and it is, but it is sometimes forgotten. Then you do not have to be an intermediary for notifications you do not have time for.

3. More info is always better

Do you think that the description of the goods has nothing to do with shipping? It can be crucial for successful transport – for example during group loading.

4. Let the freight forwarder do the calculations

Do you find it difficult with LDM / M3? It is no problem since freight forwarders love math. They are happy to triple-count to make sure that your shipment to or from Romania will be optimized.

5. Flexible mindset

It is needed both for the freight forwarder and you as the customer. Transport does not always go as planned, which requires that both parties are flexible and solution-oriented – you want the same thing after all. As a customer, you must ensure that your freight forwarder has the time, drive, and opportunity to set aside time to be able to solve unpredictable challenges and problems.

6. What type of goods is it and what does it look like?

Be sure to communicate how the goods are packed and their exact dimensions. Depending on the type of goods, they must be marked and handled correctly. Read more about dangerous goods here.

7. Best prices on transport to Romania

To be able to get a good price on your transport to or from Romania you must be flexible with transit times — the more specific and complex the assignment, the higher the price. For thirty years, InterEast has specialized in transport to and from Romania and thanks to our local office in Focsani, we have a hard-to-beat local knowledge. Feel free to give us a call and we will take care of it.

Reach out to your contact and see how our solutions can assist you.

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Sales Manager
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Sales Executive
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Branch Manager
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InterEast has a strategically located and modern textile warehouse in Focsani that could be ideal for your requirements.

The place to grow your business

Destination Romania

Romania is a market with vast potential and a strategic location in Europe. Romania’s economy has grown dramatically in recent years, exceeding all expectations. Romania exports mostly machinery and transport equipment, raw materials, and miscellaneous manufactured articles such as textiles and footwear. Romania’s main export partners are other European Union members, with Germany, Italy, and France being the most important. Sweden and the other Nordic countries are predicted to increase trade in the coming years. In 2020, most of the products imported by Romania were electrical machinery and equipment, valued at over 12.6 billion euros.

Why InterEast?

Personal Forwarder

You have a personal forwarder who answers when you call, keeps you up to date throughout the transport and dedicates time to finding the best solution every time.

99,3% delivery precision

You can be assured that we work hard to maintain our high delivery precision. For us, it is the highest quality stamp.

Every solution in one place

No matter if you wish to ship dangerous goods or food we have the experience and solution close at hand. We transport by road, rail, air, courier and express.

The booking portal for the whole team

In the booking portal Elise, your whole team work with full transparency and choice. Transport and logistics have never been easier.

Ready to revolutionize your supply chain? We are.

Ready to revolutionize your supply chain? We are.