6 June 2020

InterEast invests in a modern warehouse in Romania

Now we unveil our latest venture – a brand new warehouse in Romania. From the start, InterEast has specialized in transportation services to and from Sweden and Eastern Europe. In our Romanian office in Focsani, we handle everything from third-party logistics to warehousing. This is the next chapter.


Focsani, Romania’s centre for textile production

InterEast has been specializing in transportation services to and from Romania since 1992. Hence we have a lot of knowledge as well as a local presence. For us, to be certified against illegal cabotage and working with our own trailers was a given. Therefore, we can offer transportation services and meet the highest quality standard and environmental goals. Romania continues to be an enticing production market for other European countries. Because the country is strategically placed in the centre of Europe. Focsani is also Romania’s centre for textile production. Which makes it an ideal place for us to operate from. Considering the latest months of development, we anticipate increased interest in producing goods closer to home.

We have worked with both textile and industrial companies in Romania over the years. For a long time, it has been our mission to offer a total solution for our clients.

A modern warehouse solution

InterEast has worked with both textile and other manufacturing companies in Romania over the years. For a long time, it has been our mission to offer a complete solution for our clients. Not all warehouses in the region are as safe as they should be, nor modern, others lack the functionalities required to handle sensitive commodities.

Furthermore, our newly renovated warehouse is located in Focsani, close to our office. It is manned around the clock, temperature and humidity-controlled. For example, do your goods or materials needs specific storing conditions? Rest assured, it will be stored in the same perfect condition as it arrived. And probably leave in a better one, after our care.

At our warehouse in Romania we offer:

  • Storage for general goods
  • Storage with temperature controlled
  • Specialized storage for the fashion industry, from raw materials to ready-made garments on hangers
  • Domestic & international freight management
  • Various distribution and collection possibilities
  • Pick & pack and labelling services
  • Stock management
  • Fiscal representation & customs services
  • E-commerce fulfilment services

In conclusion, are you searching for a sound logistics partner in Romania? Then you are welcome to reach out to your local office. They will help you towards creating your supply chain revolution.

Cristian Toba

Operations Manager
+40 756 06 68 84

InterEast’s new Head of Operations

The transport and logtech company InterEast strengthens its position in Europe by setting up the new roll Head of Operations. Marcus Fagerlund has been recruited for the position, which aims to optimize and develop InterEast’s services.

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