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InterEast 6 October 2017

At Di Gasell 2017, InterEast was nominated for a 2nd year in a row

In 2017, InterEast was nominated as a Gazelle Company by Dagens Industri and is thus one of Sweden’s fastest-growing companies for the second year in a row.

– This is both fun and inspiring. Above all, it is thanks to our talented employees and customers who have confidence in us, says Oscar Törnqvist, Deputy CEO of InterEast.

Despite major internal investments in quality-assured systems, working methods and routines in 2016, InterEast meets all the criteria for a Gazelle company. This includes, among other things, increasing sales in the last three years and having organic growth.

– We are close to the market and can be both flexible and cost-conscious. We started a new strategy in 2012 that made growth possible and with last year’s quality assurances, we have all the prerequisites to continue to grow.

– We are close to the market and can be both flexible and cost-conscious. We started a new strategy in 2012 that made growth possible and with last year’s quality assurances, we have all the prerequisites to continue to grow.

The strongest markets are Turkey, Romania, and Asia, but InterEast also sees great potential in new destinations.

– We work a lot with the textile and engineering industry, these are segments we want to offer our cutting-edge expertise to and make continued investments in. We must always have a presence where customers need our services.

InterEast’s goal is to continue to grow and become a Gazelle company next year as well, but the focus is first and foremost on maintaining a high delivery quality.

– Quality and service are always most important. Then the Di Gasell award confirms that the company is developing and that we are working in the right way. We are of course aiming for a triple in 2018, says Oscar Törnqvist.

This is a Gazelle company

To be considered a Gazelle Company, several criteria must be met. The four most recent annual reports form the basis for the assessment. The company must have:

  • A turnover that exceeds SEK 10 million.
  • At least ten employees.
  • At least doubled its turnover, if you compare the first and most recent financial year.
  • Increased its turnover every year for the past three years.
  • An overall operating profit for the four financial years that were positive.
  • Has essentially grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers.
  • Sound finances.

Three Decades of Export and Import: Romania

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During the autumn, around 3,000 high school students start a UF company in the Gothenburg region. A large percentage of you who start UF companies choose to purchase goods or materials to realize your ideas. Does it matter which country you buy it from? And what hidden costs can arise? We list our best tips for you to succeed with your purchases.

The Two Yes Sayers

Irina Coman and Fredrik Brändén have handled the shipping back and forth between Sweden and Romania for several years. For our two freight forwarders, there have been a lot of quick conversations, creative solutions and bed of roses transports. We just had to capture the moment when they met for the first time. And ask: how they work.

Obik – the textile company that values personal contact

In the middle of Småland’s entrepreneurial heart lies Enaryda, and from here the textile processing and family company Obik has provided the whole of Europe with customized wheelchair inserts and textile furnishings in all their forms. We went there to get answers to what they want from the logistics companies of the future.

InterEast is climate-neutral during Earth Day

Whether the transport is by boat, road, rail, or plane, InterEast compensates for it during Earth Day, on April 22nd. – As a growing player in a conservative industry, this is an important statement for us to make, says Gustav Hagberg, Pricing Associate at InterEast.

InterEasts new Head of IT & Engineering

To take lead as Head of IT & Engineering in the venture of developing the booking portal Elise, InterEast recruited Daniel Asplund, who previously worked as IT Manager at Intelion SMSPARK.

How the invasion effects your shipment

A new dark chapter is written in Europe. Hopefully, the situation in Ukraine will be resolved in the near future. Until then we at InterEast will do our very best to keep you up to date with the status of affected shipments and transports.

InterEast’s new Head of Operations

The transport and logtech company InterEast strengthens its position in Europe by setting up the new roll Head of Operations. Marcus Fagerlund has been recruited for the position, which aims to optimize and develop InterEast’s services.