Alexander Zachrisson, Head of IT & Engineering

News & Insights 25th of September 2023

InterEast Welcomes New Head of IT & Engineering

The transport and logistics company InterEast has expanded its leadership team by appointing Alexander Zachrisson as Head of IT & Engineering as they continue their mission to revolutionize the industry.

InterEast has steadily evolved from being a niche transport company, diversifying its portfolio over the past decade. The flagship initiative in this transformative journey is the upcoming launch of Elise, a next-generation booking portal. To lead this endeavor as Head of IT & Engineering, InterEast selected Alexander Zachrisson, whose background in product development and management at Telia made him a perfect fit for the company. He takes over from Daniel Asplund, who a strong foundation these past two years.

I’m pleased that Alexander accepted the challenge, and in a short time, he has proven to be a valuable addition to InterEast, says Marcus Fagerlund, COO.

Alexander Zachrisson expressed his thoughts on the role, stating, “I was drawn to the position at InterEast because it offers a more prominent role in a smaller company, the opportunity to work on an exciting product, and the managerial aspects of a modern tech role. I look forward to building and collaborating with our diverse, dedicated team and embracing the challenge of innovation across various areas of the business. This opportunity was too exciting to pass up.”

To position InterEast for long-term success in the increasingly digital transport industry, Alexander will collaborate closely with InterEast’s senior leadership team. His expertise in leadership, product development, and digital know-how will contribute significantly to taking the company to the next level.

“I’m pleased that Alexander accepted the challenge, and in a short time, he has proven to be a valuable addition to InterEast. With his understanding of sustainable, long-term strategic work, InterEast’s continued growth journey is in good hands,” says Marcus Fagerlund, COO at InterEast.

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About InterEast

In 1992, InterEast was founded to restore trust and quality to an industry suffering from unreliability. InterEast remains a family-owned business that provides sustainable and high-quality transport solutions worldwide.

From the outset, InterEast distinguished themselves by excelling in transport to and from Eastern Europe and Asia. Today, they handle shipments globally and have offices in four locations: Poland, Romania, Turkey, and their headquarters in Gothenburg. Their increasingly diverse team consists of over 50 employees.

With innovation, growth, and sustainability embedded in the DNA, they aspire to be a part of the solution in the logistics industry. The journey to revolutionize the logistics industry is already underway, and they are fully committed to it.

Christopher Busck

Head of Brand
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Release Notes: New features enable more accurate bookings in Elise

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