InterEast 19 April 2021

Internship: The Freight Forwarder who became a Digital Analytics Specialist

One of the best reviews you as a company can get is the returning customer. Imagine how glad we were when a former employee reached out who wished to spend his internship with us. Give a virtual high five to Martin Hougberg, the former freight forwarder who now is paddling the data streams of information as he´s studying to be a Digital Analytics Specialist at IHM Business School, Gothenburg.

We sat down to get a better understanding of what Digital Analytics Specialist do and what challenges he look forward to facing in the coming months.

Hi Martin, what does a Digital Analytics Specialist do?

I think the program came about to offer help and create guidelines for the marketers who sometimes is more focused on getting as much content into the digital world as possible than taking the moment and go through the data, learn and adjust. Perhaps a case of ”it will be ok as long as we still get visitors and buyers” could be behind it.

Though, I think that over time the schools realized that our roles will be bigger. We are being integrated to a greater extent into many levels of the company, which needs to be analyzed, tested and optimized. Both by coming up with concrete plans of action based on data as well as speculative plans when we need to make qualified guesses. We jokingly say that we show organisations how they get ”most bang for their bucks” by letting information steer us, not our feelings, which we hopefully succeed in doing.

I have been told over the years that my role at InterEast was a lot more varied than at other companies.

What made you reach out to us at InterEast?

In my role at InterEast, I am in contact with the sales and operation teams, managers, and engineers – and if you had any more departments I probably would be dragged in there as well. I knew about the organisation since I worked here as a freight forwarder in 2017. I have been told over the years that my role at InterEast was a lot more varied than at other companies. The versatility offered at InterEast compelled me to get in contact with you again!

Which challenges do you look forward to tackling during your internship?

I think that some would have been hesitant if they had the interview I had. The list of what to look into was long and the tasks were both big and small. But they were all important for a company which strives to offer excellent service to its customers. If I had to choose one or two challenges I would have to say to deliver the data for the development of their new webpage (spoiler alert!) and the finetuning the analysis on their new booking platform. Also, any changes and tweaks that make a difference.

We at InterEast are thrilled to have Martin be part of our team for the coming nine weeks. Despite COVID-19, we have not stopped welcoming interns. We have regulations in place and believe that it is important to try our best to offer a safe and educational internship. But in this case, Martin is the one bringing new big ideas to the table and we at InterEast are happy to be back at the school desk.

Would you like to be part of our journey to revolutionize tomorrows supply chains? Connect with us on our career site.

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