Peder Törnqvist, one of InterEasts founders.

Shipping & Transport 31 Oktober 2022

Three Decades of Export and Import: Romania

Since the start, we have brought Swedish trade closer to the continent. Behind the shortened distances and created opportunities for our customers is the trade-important symbiosis between the haulers and us, the traffic-creating company. As we now approach the future at full speed, this symbiosis, we, need to work even closer together.

We have always strived to keep our word. Be a partner you can trust, your goods just must go, no matter how big or small it is.

– Say you have a pallet to take to Romania and the car is only a third full, but for you, that pallet is worth your entire business. Then you must have a reliable carrier. We have always taken great pride in that, says founder and senior advisor, Peder Törnqvist, and adds:

– But is it environmentally friendly?

As advisors, over the years we have helped scores of Swedish companies with establishments and smooth trade routes both within and from Romania. We have supported in customs all issues and procedures, VAT issues that include one country but also multiple. But above all, we have met countless Swedish companies on-site in Romania and shown them possible facilities and transport options. Only since the beginning in 1992, although only in 1998 we had the opportunity to open an office in the city of textile experts, Focșani.

Historically, the trickiest part of supporting companies with the establishment has revolved around a logistics chain involving a third country. But that’s nothing compared to tomorrow’s challenge.

– As an industry, we are one of the biggest environmental offenders and, from a historical perspective, we have only harmed the environment for a fraction of the time. It is, therefore, possible to learn from history, before fossil fuel, and apply those working methods in a modern context. To succeed, we are dependent on both haulers and customers, says Peder.

Historically, the trickiest part of supporting companies with the establishment has revolved around a logistics chain involving a third country. But that’s nothing compared to tomorrow’s challenge.

Charging posts that charge the truck in 45 minutes, digital measuring instruments and smarter establishments are a selection of solutions, but so far, they have not reaped the long-awaited and sustainable fruit. It has not yet been scaled and systematized along large international trade routes.

– There is a logistics solution from the past that we can rely on today and thus reach the goals we have sworn our promises to. Romania traffic may become the pilot that paves the way for the future. Of course, there are still some obstacles to solve, even though we are completely convinced that the traffic creator-haulage-customer triangle will make it possible, says Peder.

A well-oiled machinery – an advantage when you live in world of constant change

A word kept builds trust, time builds knowledge and relationships build opportunity. When we now roll up our 25by25 venture; 25 percent climate neutral, 25 percent automated and ranked top-25 as an employer, by 2025, we make it completely dependent on our partners and customers. Hand on heart, this is just the beginning of the investment we must make in each other and the environment.

And we got off to a flying start 30 years ago. During these years of trust in each other and the trade route, we have not only brought the national borders closer to each other, but also the people, and along the way, the ambition to find new, creative paths has been built up. Together we will drive the change.

As we now enter our fourth decade as a logistics (tech) company, we see what was important then and what is important today. The word sustainable has become increasingly multifaceted and digitization has become the universal language that gives us the answers and more accurate measurements. Here and now, we are taking big digital steps (read more about Elise here) and we can thus focus even more on finding sustainable solutions, delivering with personal contact and executing with quality in its most precise form.

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